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about us

We love our job

We are a small family made up of experts, each of us having the task of getting the best out of our eyesight.

Being an optician is a job; to be individual and adapt to people's needs. To listen and analyze the problems carefully and find a solution.

We are experts in: prescription testing and lenses, eyes and retinal screening, contact lens fitting


Do you think an optician should have a "story"? We see it the same way!

Only the best quality across the board will prevail over many years. We have been your optician specialty shop in Gropius Passagen since 1976 and are always looking for the right solution for your needs. We are only 100% satisfied when you are 100% happy.

Providing perfect vision for each and every one of our customers is not just a job for us - it is what makes us happy.



The eyewear studio Dunkel has a long tradition and was founded in 1976 by Mr. Eike F. Dunkel in a small shopping center where the Gropius Passagen are today.

From 1989 to 2011 the eyewear studio Dunkel was led by Bernd Krieger; in these times
A first major renovation took place as part of the new Gropius Passagen building. Today, the Dunkel glasses studio is in a prime location, centrally located within the passages on the ground floor of the main mall.

In mid-2010, the business and shop window area of ​​the corner store was modernized in a second renovation and partly renewed, so that a very bright, modern concept was created.

Since January 2012 the owner is Mrs. Franziska Aboelela, who previously worked as an employee in the eyewear studio Dunkel. Thanks to various new technologies (CNC grinding machine, DNEye scanner, ImpressionIST, ...) it has continuously brought the business up to date with the latest technology.

In March 2017, as part of the overall renovation of the Gropius Passagen, there was a third, very extensive renovation of the shop. Not only were the workshop and the two rooms for eye exams rebuilt and fitted with fresh, cutting-edge technology, but the sales area also shines in a completely new, modern look.


We are also in Mariendorf

August 2019 we took over the former Freise Optik.

Freise Optik in Alt Mariendorf was founded by Mr. Freise around 1962 .

In October 2019 we rebuilt and modernized the shop.

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