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contact lenses

Why contact lenses?

Practical, invisible, adaptable to almost any type of visual defect without affecting your appearance. These are just a few of the benefits of wearing contact lenses.

Discover the many other advantages of contact lenses! With an unrestricted, clear view, they offer you the freedom to be active and look good and carefree at the same time.

We would be happy to advise you personally in a meeting on the subject of "contact lenses"!

Kontaktlinsen Anpassung



Buying contact lenses without prior adjustment is dangerous.

Your eyes must be measured and assessed by specialist staff!

Choosing the right contact lenses is extremely important. It is a medical product that is adapted to your eyes and corrects your specific ametropia, because each eye is individual and has a different corneal curvature, size and eyelid opening.

In order for the contact lens to fit perfectly and to be comfortable to wear, the eye must be carefully examined and measured by one of our contact lens specialists. Factors such as damp or rather dry eyes also play a role.

As specialists in contact lenses , we will inform you about the available contact lens types and materials and, after the detailed consultation, the examination of the eyes and the determination of the eyesight, we also offer you a trial wear so that you can develop a good feeling for your new contact lenses.



Orthokeratology lenses

Ortho-K lenses or DreamLens are worn overnight. During this time, you gently model the cornea (change in the range of a few hundredths of a millimeter) into a shape that is optimized for sharp vision. "Sleep lenses" can be used to correct myopia up to approx. -5 D, astigmatism up to approx. 2 D and also slight presbyopia.

Sonnenuntergang in der Natur

Daily lenses

Soft daily contact lenses are intended for single use and are disposed of after being worn once. They are usually well tolerated and easy to care for. Daily contact lenses are particularly suitable for people who only use contact lenses occasionally, for example for certain sports.

Glückliche Fotografin

Monthly lenses

Soft monthly lenses are comfortable to wear right from the start. There are monthly lenses that can only be worn during the day and others that can be worn day and night. Daily care is necessary for lenses that are taken out in the evening. You can wear monthly lenses every day or just now and then as a supplement to your glasses.


Annual lenses

Annual lenses are primarily characterized by their long shelf life and robustness. They are available as dimensionally stable and soft lenses. Since permanent lenses are made especially for them, they are particularly suitable for special vision problems and thus ensure consistently good vision.


Multifocal lenses

"Varifocal contact lenses" basically do the same thing as varifocals: they are optimized for different viewing distances. The contact lenses compensate for both your ametropia and the so-called presbyopia. It should be noted that the fitting and acclimatization period for varifocal contact lenses takes a little longer than for other contact lenses.




With our contact lens flat rate for soft replacement contact lenses (monthly or daily lenses) you no longer have to worry about aftercare with contact lenses and care products.

Thanks to our experience in the field of contact lens fitting, you can rely on all-round good vision at all times.

The best thing about it: With the flat rate you save money compared to the classic "re-purchase". The monthly payment is also a straightforward and convenient thing.

So it's worth just dropping in on us.

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