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Your life is individual. Driving, computer work, sport, leisure time - your glasses and / or contact lenses are always faced with new challenges in every activity.

After a detailed eye check, our friendly and competent staff will determine the ideal glasses and / or contact lenses for you in a comprehensive consultation.

We use your individual visual profile, the values determined, in-depth specialist knowledge of shapes, colors and materials as well as our keen sense for fashion and design as a basis.

Reading a Map


The "all-rounder" for all distances: varifocals enable "gliding", i.e. continuously sharp vision in the near, intermediate and far range.

Mann mit Brille

Distance glasses

Sharp vision as far as the horizon: With individual distance glasses, the blurred shapes in the distance become clear images again.

Bei der Arbeit

Workplace glasses

For the workplace: room, monitor or workplace glasses are designed to meet the special requirements of your everyday work.

Geschichten vorlesen

Reading glasses

For unadulterated reading fun: encounter diminishing eyesight in the vicinity with individual reading glasses in order to maintain your visual comfort.

Frau fahren

Driver's goggles

Good vision = good driving: Due to their structure and special coatings, driver goggles offer perfect vision in difficult situations such as: darkness, glare or bad weather.

Mann mit Brille

Relax glasses

For relaxed eyes: The Relax coating takes the strain off your eyes if you often sit in front of digital devices. Optionally, these glasses increase performance at work and in your free time with easy reading support.

Sporteinrichtung 3

Sports glasses

For successful active time: Sports glasses with their curved shape act like a protective shield and are the ideal companion for all types of sport. We choose the glass colors together with you, depending on the type of sport.

Eleganter Mann

Photochromic glasses

For every occasion: Self-tinting / photochromic glasses adapt to the UV radiation intensity through a filter on the lens surface (a lot of UV radiation = dark tint).

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